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For the first time in the world, APAR develops a method to quantify copper corrosion


The transformer industry was seeing a high failure rate due to copper corrosion. The causes for failure were unknown.
Even high and ultra-high voltage transformers were failing without explanation.

APAR’s solution:

APAR decided to address the problem at its root. The team realised that the rate of corrosion needed to be measured, and process and product changes needed to be made accordingly. For the first time in the world, a method to quantify copper corrosion was developed.

With this deeper understanding and the goal to develop a range of products that met severe copper corrosion test requirements, APAR’s range of uninhibited transformer oils were developed. Our range was validated and approved by major global OEMs and independent testing laboratories.

There hasn’t been a single report of transformer failures from the clients we supply our range to.

Creating a range of oils with low-gassing tendencies for safe operation of instrument transformers


It is typically recommended that instrument transformers use gas absorbing oils with negative gassing. However, it was difficult for OEMs and utility companies to use these oils, as they are less stable, expensive and not easily available.

As a result, companies end up using highly gas-evolving oils which are easily available in the market. This ultimately results in the untimely tripping of transformers due to excessive hydrogen gas evolution.

APAR’s solution:

APAR studied the current issues faced by the industry, and was able to develop a range of products with low gassing tendencies like trace inhibited 60HT. Our range was sent to global OEMs for testing, and proved successful in homologation studies.

We also introduced inhibited 60 SNX-LG with similar low gassing and higher oxidation stability. These cost-effective oils perform well in instrument transformers, and enable them to have a trouble-free life.

Developing a special naphthenic high-grade inhibited oil for perfect compatibility with 800 kV HVDC transmission grids


800 kV HVDC systems were implemented in the country for the first time by a major national grid company. As HVDC systems offer much more severe stress conditions to the insulating material for effective performance, they require special naphthenic-type, high-grade inhibited products which can tackle issues of copper corrosion, have a higher oxidation stability, low sulphur content, a higher resistance and compatibility with other transformer materials.

Oils such as these with highly specific technical characteristics needed to be imported, and Indian companies were looking for a high-quality Indian alternative.

APAR’s solution:

APAR studied the compatibility of oil with more than 40 transformer component materials used in building a 800 kV HVDC transformer. We then optimized the formulation and upgraded the process conditions to meet the demanding performance requirements.

We developed suitable special naphthenic high-grade inhibited products, and successfully supplied over 5000 KL of this oil to the 800 kV HVDC transmission grid.

Our oils have ensured smooth functioning of the transmission grids while providing lower costs to our clients.

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