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In early 2020, APAR decided it was time to present a new face to the world!


While we always had a strong foundation of excellence, quality and innovation, we wanted our brand to represent the passion with which we are forging ahead in this new era of global growth, to stand tall in the company of our global peers.

The Result!

We came up with one unchanging idea that will drive our brand’s activities now and in the future. 

Our brand core is innovation that solves real problems and provides “Tomorrow’s Solutions Today”

Our new brand identity shows five diamond-like forms which represents high value. A benefit to both the buyer and the seller! It also represents longevity – a hard material that lasts forever. We believe our solutions should be both valuable and long-lasting. The square amongst the diamonds shows that everyone is looking for value, but finally, what stands out is a solution, and it is usually different!

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APAR Logo JPEG Black

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For media queries write to us at communications@apar.com

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