APAR’s CSR focusses on sustainable transformations in heathcare and education

CSR Focuses

“When I was growing up, my father was uncompromising on certain aspects. He wanted us to grow up with an intimate understanding of the issues our employees were facing. Whether it was the living conditions in and our around their villages, or the aspirations and struggles of their children, we always grew up grounded firmly in that reality, and a resolve that we need to make things better”


Our founders were big believers in the idea that everyone, regardless of religion, gender, caste or class received a quality education. APAR has been an active participant in the educational spaces in Mumbai and Gujarat.

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We supported the Technical High School and Boys High School at Nadiad, as well as the Dharmsinh Desai University set up in Nadiad, which provides education in technical and other areas (diploma and degree courses) to more than 6,000 students annually at a nominal cost.

Most recently, we have set up a school in Rajkot for children from nearby slums. We also aim to rehabilitate abandoned, unclaimed, parentless and destitute children. To make learning a more joyful experience, we support the ‘Science on Wheels’ projects.

In order to provide quality healthcare to all sections of society, APAR has been involved in setting up hospitals and supporting accessible healthcare all across India.

The Dharmsinh Desai Methodist Memorial Heart Hospital was set up in 1996. Over the years, the institute has benefited 1,00,000 patients mainly in rural Gujarat. The institute carries out open heart surgeries, angiographies and angioplasties with a prolific success rate.

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We have also set up the Bhaktivedanta Hospital Mira Road, Thane District and a fully-equipped hospice in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh to provide high-quality healthcare to the poorer sections of society.

Our late Chairman, Dr. Narendra Desai, was passionate about medical education. APAR helped set up a Faculty of Medical Science and Research, a 750-bed hospital and Institute of Medical Science along with a student hostel at Nadiad

APAR has been actively involved in mid-day meal programmes for over two decades to help ensure every child in India gets a nutritious meal at school.

We support mid-deal meal schemes across rural villages and schools in Maharashtra & 6 other states. Currently, we feed over 600,000 children a day,six days a week, all year round.

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Every child deserves an equal chance to succeed. That’s why APAR actively participates in mid-day meal schemes and sets up educational ventures. We also help rehabilitate children, and place a special focus on helping young girls become independent and self sustaining.

We have provided scholarships for girls’ education, helped mentally challenged girls live with dignity and set up special homes for young female orphans.

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In addition to our extensive efforts to make APAR a more sustainable company, we help communities live in harmony with the planet.

Over the years, we’ve helped train farmers to adopt organic farming techniques, which are less harmful to the environment. We also ensured that better techniques for water resource development were taught.

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