Celebrating the minds that help APAR lead the innovation curve

One of our fundamental beliefs is that a group of passionate and empowered individuals can accomplish
absolutely everything. Meet the people who have fuelled our growth over the years.

In focus: COVID warriors

When the pandemic hit, SOPs were no longer applicable. There was no rulebook for a global pandemic. Yet,
we saw extraordinary leadership emerge at all levels!

Humans at APAR: the stories that shape lives

Read about the lives, challenges and learnings of the people that make up APAR.

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Mr. Chaitanya Desai
Managing Director

“When I joined the company, nothing was going right. At that time, I went to my father. He said, ‘Any fool can make money on money, but it needs an intelligent approach to make money from no money. We have to work innovatively, come up with out of the box solutions, and that is the way we can actually come out of the difficulty."

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Bhavna Valkhi
Deputy Manager, Sales and Marketing

“I actually really love my job. I do it as a passion. Eight to ten years ago, I had nothing, but APAR has taught me so much. Now, I have nearly ten years of experience. My biggest challenge was being a working mother. However, my boss and colleagues have been so supportive!”

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Mr. VK Bajaj
Senior President – Business Strategy & Innovation

“The person you are working with must accept you as a leader. That means that if you are providing solutions by helping him, and if he is moving forward, he feels obliged that he has been helped. Then, his acceptance of you as a leader is really great.”

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Ms. Vaishali Patel
Export Manager, Oil

“I have worked in this field for the last seven years, but the product portfolio at APAR different. We have a large variety and a diversified group of unique products. I find it interesting to deal with this list of products.

At APAR everybody is very friendly, it’s a great atmosphere. I get complete freedom to take a decision.”

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Mr. Atul Mayekar
Sr. GM Export Manager, Oil

“Developing new applications and territory are the most satisfying aspects. APAR allows decision making to be left up to the team, and provides support when required. That is why the decision making is very fast.”

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Mr. M Kanakarajan
Sr. GM Manager, Cables

“Innovation is going the extra mile and pushing ourselves, beyond the boundaries. It is not just about products, it can be about processes as well. In spite of all the disruptive factors during this pandemic, we are trying to galvanize, the situation, take a competitive edge, and channel our passion.”

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