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Zero PPM Award from Toyoda Gosei South India for 100% timely delivery


Toyoda Gosei South India Private Limited practices Just In Time (JIT) system to maintain lower inventory and requires on-time delivery of raw materials from its suppliers.

The delivery lead time of over 90 days for the imported raw material, uncertainties in sea transit and subsequent custom clearances, make it a challenging task for the supplier.

APAR’s solution:

APAR proactively coordinated with the customer to get its quarterly forecast upfront and planned the purchase activities accordingly to buy and stock the material at its warehouse. This enabled APAR to support the customer as and when required consistently.

Despite this well-planned arrangement, there was once an unexpected delay in a shipment. However, APAR with its coordinated efforts with the Port Clearing Agent and its own material inward department and transporters, ensured the timely delivery of the shipment.

The result? Toyoda Gosei acknowledged APAR’s efforts with the ‘Zero PPM award’ for ensuring on-time delivery, every single time.

Recognised as the ‘most cost-effective vendor’ by Lumax Cornaglia Auto Technologies


In one of their projects, Lumax Cornaglia Auto Technologies Pvt Ltd was using imported material which increased their component cost. This high cost resulted in the risk of them losing the project.

APAR’s solution:

APAR had in-depth discussions with Lumax Cornaglia to understand their technical requirements and with the help of its highly-qualified R&D team developed material which not only met the technical requirements, but was also very cost effective.

In acknowledgement of its proactive approach and the ability to provide a solution, APAR was recognized as the Most Cost-Effective Vendor during Lumax Cornaglia’s annual meeting for the year 2019-20.

Creating anti-skid, matte finish car mats for the European market


One of APAR’s customers, a manufacturer and exporter of car foot mats in the European market, was using PVC material that was glossy, slippery and that contained phthalate anhydride.

APAR’s solution:

APAR’s skilled R&D Department worked closely with the customer to understand its needs and developed TPE and TPV-based material, which was free of phthalate and heavy metals.

The material was not only REACH and ROHS compliant, but also met the European market’s requirements of quality as well as looks. This helped the customer get an innovative product and make a successful transition, without losing time and business.

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