The APAR difference

  • Over the years, APAR’s focus has been on integrated efforts to achieve uprating of existing transmission lines with HTLS conductors, live line OPGW replacement work and integaration of OPGW with telecommunication.

  • We have successfully executed over 80 complex projects (1460+ circuit kms) with various varieties of HTLS conductors across some of India’s most difficult terrains and conditions.

  • APAR has not only achieved expertise in design, manufacturing and testing, but also in hotline stringing, live line replacement of OPGW of over 30 links (2500+ kms) executed with different types of OPGW, and integration with telecommunication equipment.

  • We also have a vast degree of experience in supply-chain management.

EPC works with T&D traditional conductors

Extensive experience in the construction of 220kV and 400kV transmission
lines in high altitudes, snow-clad terrains and resolution of severe ROW.
We undertake the construction of new 220kV and 400kV transmission lines.

Reconductoring with HTLS in transmission systems

We offer end-to-end solutions by strengthening towers, replacement of HTLS conductor along with associated fittings and insulators in 33kV to 400kV transmission lines. To ensure uninterrupted power supply, we offer training, maintenance and post-installation services. APAR has successfully carried out over 80 complex projects (1460+ circuits kms) by providing double the required ampacity.

We offer end-to-end solutions for effective and efficient transmission
of double or more power in existing corridors of 66kV to 765kV transmission
systems by strengthening the existing towers/monopoles/poles. This is done
by keeping other circuit(s) of the line in live condition.

Augmention of substation (EHV/HV)

We specialise in the replacement of bays and major equipment(s)
to match the ampacity of the reconductored transmission line.
We have successfully completed over 10 substation augmentation
projects, both within India and internationally.

We offer end-to-end solutions for effective and efficient handling
of double or more power in existing substations of 66kV to 765kV systems.
This is done by replacing equipment and busbars using HTLS conductors.

Reconductoring with HTLS/MVCC in distribution systems

We offer end-to-end solutions for effective and efficient distribution of
double or more power in existing corridors of 33kV distribution systems by
strengthening or replacing the existing towers/monopoles/poles using
HTLS/MVCC conductors.

Installation of OPGW/ADSS and associated hardware

We specialise in the live line (hot line) replacement of existing
earthwire/OPGW with new OPGW on 66kV to 765kV transmission systems.
We have successfully replaced over 500 kms of OPGW in hot line
conditions, and are currently in the process of replacing another 2000 kms.
This will be replaced with over 30 links (2500+ kms)

We offer live line/off line installation on 33kV to 765kV transmission
systems by replacing the existing earthwire, aviation globules and
associated hardware.

Integration of OPGW with telecommunication equipment for reliable communication

We specialise in the identification of integration requirements and
provide end-to-end solutions for reliable communication.

We offer integration of OPGW with communication equipment
comprising of SDH, PDH, DACS, NMS, MDF, DDF, MUX, SCADA,PMU,
RTU, PLCC, PABX, repeater and DC power supply systems, including
annual maintenance services up to seven years.

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