Innovating high-temperature chain lubricant POWEROIL® HTCO

Innovating high-temperature chain lubricant POWEROIL® HTCO

APAR’s solution:

In various industries such as food, automotive, textile, tiles and plywood, chain drives or conveyors play a crucial role in transmitting force and motion. Each chain joint in a bearing requires proper lubrication to ensure maximum service life, as the strength of a chain is determined by its weakest link.


To address these specific lubrication needs APAR has introduced POWEROIL HTCO, a high-temperature chain oil. This specialized lubricant is designed to elevate product performance and easy to use. It is also applicable to chains, slide ways and guide rails in machines used in plastics and timber industries. Additionally, it is suitable for conveyor chains in driers, ovens, furnaces and paint lines where high-temperature chain applications are required.


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