Innovative Power-ZAD Conductors

Innovative Power-ZAD Conductors


The power lines are always in motion, vibrating, and dealing with constant stresses from varied weather conditions, like strong winds and temperature changes with electro-mechanical & thermo-mechanical stress causing conductor fatigue & damage. Exceptional high winds at the coastal areas, tornado & hurricanes causes forced deterioration increasing the probability of Power blackouts for several months.

APAR’s solution:

Engineered with an aerodynamic design of conductors and developed a solution of APAR POWER-ZAD Conductors using Z-shaped wire profiles of Aluminium Alloy which fully locking he conductors integrity and offering reduced drag, effectively minimized vibrations and endured high winds, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply during hurricanes. Its superior shock absorption and heat dissipation capabilities combated electro-mechanical and thermo-mechanical stresses, extending the service life of the power lines. Moreover, its corrosion-resistant property shielded it from the corrosive effects of coastal environments, guaranteeing reliability.

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