Developing full range of HTLS conductors

Developing full range of HTLS conductors


As power transmission utilities across India aimed to transmit twice the power in the same transmission corridor, at lower transmission losses and lower capex, they faced a series of challenges.

About 50 year old transmission lines with deteriorated towers and worn-out conductors, load shedding conditions, severe ROW issues and limited financial resources to name a few.

APAR’s solution:

As usual, APAR rose to the challenge. It had started investing in techniques, resources and skill to develop full range of efficient High Temperature Low Sag (HTLS) Conductors since 2010.


Since 2013, APAR has been providing end-to-end solutions for augmentation of substations and re-conductoring of transmission corridors across India, amid unique challenges like foggy conditions and working in tough terrains like backwaters, sea and high hills.


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