Copper-magnesium wire production for Indian Railways

Copper-magnesium wire production for Indian Railways


Indian Railways has planned to increase the speed of its existing system to 200 km per hour and is also planning to set up a new rapid rail system with speeds upto 250 km per hour.

To achieve this, Railways had to replace the existing cadmium catenary wires with an eco-friendly alternative of copper-magnesium catenary wires with same strength and conductivity.

APAR’s solution:

Being an industry leader, APAR took on the challenge and became the first Indian company to develop copper-magnesium catenary wires to match RDSO specifications.

It not only delivered these with a very short lead time, but also at a very competitive pricing. This helped Railways save money by a huge margin.


It also proved to be a step in the direction of Atmanirbhar Bharat as India no more needs to depend on imports for this product.


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