Solid Sector Shaped Aluminium Conductors – First in India

Solid Sector Shaped Aluminium Conductors – First in India


Manufacturing power cables with 3 or 4 cores had become a laborious and time-consuming process. The core of the issue lie in the production of the aluminum wires, which were drawn from aluminum wire rods, circular stranded based on conductor size, and then compacted into sector shapes before insulation. These multiple steps required significant effort and processing time, causing delays and inefficiencies in the production line and meeting deadlines for certain projects.

APAR’s solution:

APAR’s Conductors division unleashed innovation. Leveraging existing resources, we developed Solid Sector Shaped Aluminium Conductors for multi-core power cables for fixed installation. These conductors met international standards and offered key advantages:
 • Optimal Termination & High Ampacity
 • Clear Sound & Efficient Transmission
 • Durability & Low Resistance
 • Cost-Efficient & low maintenance

This innovative solution was introduced to expand our customer base and meet the rising demand in the European market. We are eager to further enrich our product portfolio, considering the evolving bandwidth requirements driven by our clients’ applications.

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