Torpedo cables

APAR has indigenously developed fibre optic cables for torpedo guidance systems.
These data transmission cables act as a crucial medium of communication between a torpedo and the firing platform (a ship or submarine), effectively guiding the torpedo towards its target during the underwater run.


These are wound with a special tangle-free winding technique for free unreeling of the cable during the underwater run of the torpedo. Expected to have high strength, these cables get paid off from the reel at the rate of 25 M/sec. Considering their use, these cables require high precision production techniques that APAR is known for.
Application As a torpedo travels, the cable unspools from it and keeps it in touch with the launch platform. This allows the launch platform remotely steer the torpedo, so as to get it close enough to the target to use its on-board homing mechanism.
Characteristics Torpedo cables are high strength, lightweight and long-length cables that provide high bandwidth and act as a crucial medium of communications between a torpedo and its launching site.
Applicable standards IEC 60793, IEC 60794, Telcordia GR -20, TIA/EIA 598
Product range APAR offers torpedo cables ranging from 5 km to 50 km in a single continuous length. It uses G657A fibre.
Advantages Torpedo cables are used in wire-guided systems attached to torpedos. Much superior to conventional wires, these cables allow significant increases in bandwidth while occupying less space, since a single fibre can be used in place of the current two wires.These lightweight, small-diameter cables are sufficiently durable and robust to withstand the stress associated with torpedo launch and deployment.

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Published On: January 21, 2021


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