Subsea underwater LV/MV cables

APAR manufactures and supplies high-performance underwater cables and subsea electrical products (with a range of functions in a single cable) for the naval defence sector.

Thanks to our significant investments in state-of-the-art machinery, proprietary processes and design engineering skills developed over decades, we have a competitive edge as the only Indian cable company that provides customised integrated cable products and solutions for such critical applications.
Application Thanks to our rich experience in executing orders for naval systems, APAR can design and engineer sub-sea cable systems involving high and low voltage cables, as well as fibre optic cables for sub-sea applications.
Characteristics System voltage: 1 kV up to 33 kV. The sub-sea cable is laid in a shallow seabed depth of 50 M.
Applicable standards APAR’s sub-sea cables are manufactured and qualified by IEC requirements. We can also manufacture based on customers’ designs and standards.
Product range LV outboard installation cables for naval vessels; XLPE Insulated AC medium-voltage submarine cables with fibre optic cables.
Advantages Our custom engineered cables combine maximum strength with minimum diameter to enable efficient data and power transmission while surviving repeated duty cycles over long periods in harsh conditions.

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Published On: January 19, 2021


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