Submersible cables

3 Core Flat Submersible Pump cables are insulated with PVC compound for Insulation and sheath to make them suitable for Submersible Pump Motor application. Their outer sheath is made of special formulation of high abrasion resistant PVC, resistant to grease, oil and water. These cables have excellent mechanical and electrical properties.
The area of installation of these cables is physically restrictive and hence Apar submersible cables pose good insulation properties when submerged in Water. Features of these cables include resistance to abrasion, moisture, oil, as well as a better flexible life & excellent mechanical & electrical properties.
Application Flat Submersible Cables are a specialized product designed for use in underground, under-water, or on wet surface and generally suitable for max operating temperature of 70°C.
Characteristics Standard’s Submersible Cables are crafted with advanced technology to perform efficiently for long time. Cables with maximum operating temperature up to 105°C also available with PVC Insulation & Sheath and also with EPR Rubber Insulation / PCP or CPE sheath.
Applicable standards IS: 694 and other International specifications
Product range 3 core cables from 1.5 sqmm up to 70 sqmm. (4 core cables on demand)
Advantages Apar Submersible cables ensure pump performance in muddy water and provides good abrasion.

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Published On: January 21, 2021


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