Screened & instrumentation cables

APAR’s instrumentation and signalling cables are designed to transmit signals without interference. They are used where manufacturing and processing operations are electronically controlled and measured.

To provide optimal performance, these interconnection cables are made reliable, robust and resistant to electromagnetic interference.


They are ideal for data acquisition systems, connections between instruments, computer networking, PA systems, digital/analogue control, measuring and communication systems.
Application Ideal for manufacturing plants, for control, communication, data and voice transmission signals, for Oil, Gas and Petroleum Industries and for industrial applications, APAR’s Instrumentation Cables are used in communication and to connect the electrical circuits of instruments. They are specially meant for aspects of the plant that require signal transfer.
Applicable standards APAR’s Instrumentation Cables are manufactured with flexible copper conductors and comply with British and International standards, including BS5308, European Standard BS EN 50288-7, and US UL Standard PLTC cables among others. Though BS 5308 was superseded by the Harmonised Standard BS EN 50288-7 in 2005, it is still widely referred to, because the Harmonised Standard does not account for the higher voltage ratings and cable dimensions. A publicly available version of the Standard was published in 2009 as PAS5308.
Product range Part 1 Type 1 – Unarmoured – collectively screened (CAM) and individually & collectively screened (IAM/CAM or ICAT). PE insulated and PVC oversheathed.
Part 1 Type 2 – Armoured – collectively screened and also individually & collectively screened. PE insulated, PE bedded, single wire armoured (SWA) and PVC oversheathed.
BS5308 Part 2 – PVC-insulated Instrumentation Cables in Multi Core and multi-pair construction, with or without screens. They provide the option of incorporating a single wire armour. Part 2 is further categorised as Type 1 & Type 2.
Part 2 Type 1 – Unarmoured construction – PVC-insulated and PVC-oversheathed.
Part 2 Type 2 – Armoured construction – PVC -insulated, PVC-bedded, single wire armoured and PVC-oversheathed.Some of the Cables are offered with mica taping on the conductor for special applications like fire survival.
Advantages APAR Instrumentation Cables have induced voltage control and are designed for installations that need interference suppression.

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Published On: January 20, 2021

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