CCTV cable

APAR Copper braiding CCTV cable is offered in the range of 3+1, 4+1 and 6+1 construction. This is a hybrid type cable with combination of communication and electrical conductors.
The 3/4/6 power cores enables powering of the CCTV camera while the communication cable (video core) enables recording of images and communicating with control room devices based on camera capabilities.
Application Used for mostly surveillance purposes bearing crime preventing, safety, monitoring. Transmitting video and audio signals from CCTV cameras to recording devices or monitors. Shielded Communication Cable.
Characteristics Inner Conductor DC Resistance: Max. 3.55 Ω/Km at 20°C, Structural Return Loss : Min. 15 dB @ 1 – 1000 MHz, Characteristic Impedance : 75 ± 3 ohm, Capacitance (Nom.) : 53.0 pF/m, Nominal Velocity Ratio : 85%
Applicable standards As per the customer requirement.
Product range RG – 59F Co-axial + 3 Core x 0.15 Sq. mm CCTV Cables (3+1) RG – 59F Co-axial + 4 Core x 0.15 Sq. mm CCTV Cables (4+1) RG – 59F Co-axial + 6 Core x 0.15 Sq. mm CCTV Cables (6+1)
Advantages 1. Wired surveillance is more convenient to install on large objects: Wi-Fi cameras require routers close to the devices, otherwise, the signal will be weak. As a result, several access points will be required, which increases the cost of video surveillance. 2. Stable performance: Wireless devices often suffer from unstable Internet signals, which reduces the quality of the picture. The physical connection of the system protects against. 3. A great option for long-term monitoring: Wi-Fi systems are easy to scale and relocate. However, if this is not required and the user is confident that no changes to the video surveillance are planned, wired monitoring is a better option.

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