Battery cables and accessories

The low-voltage battery cables are designed for the wiring of electrical installations in the manufacturing of all vehicles including commercial & heavy vehicles.
These cables offer no bruising of cores after stripping and optimized for subsequent handling like crimping/contacting.
Application Battery cables are generally used for all vehicles including light & Heavy commercial vehicles.
Characteristics Apar uses best Electrolytic grade of copper fine wires (If required, Electro-Tinned) and Covering of specially formulated PVC, Electron Beam Irradiated PVC or Polyolefin as per requirement. In Apar battery cables identification is possible without stripping the sheath or external marking as the designation & length marking is always printed on the insulation/sheath.
Applicable standards IS 2465, SAE J1128 ; JASO D 611, JASO D 618 ; ISO 6722-1
Product range Single core, Twin or multi core cables -1.5 & 2.5 sqmm, 4 sqmm up to 240 sqmm. Cables with 8000 series Flexible Aluminium also available.
Advantages Due to E-beam Irradiation cross linking , Apar battery cables are extremely tough and helps easy installation.

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Published On: January 21, 2021


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