The APAR difference

  • We produce and market our LDC products under APAR Anushakti, APAR Mahashakti, APAR Shakti and APAR Tarang Shakti Brands.

  • Our ANUSHAKTI brand of cables have the distinct feature of withstanding high temperatures with an increased current carrying capacity. Since these are manufactured with E-beam technology, they not only offer better performance and quality but are also environment friendly.

  • We also manufacture flat cables for submersible pumps, as well as auto and battery wires and cables.

Light duty cables and wires

As the name implies, the light duty cables are used for lighter application eg. flexible control cables, building wires, single & multi-core flexible cables for panel wiring, appliances wiring, flat cables for submersible cables, CCTV cables, indoor telephone cables, screened cables etc.

It features high grade of PVC for insulation and/or sheath, sometimes with fire performance features like FR-LSZH as per customer application.
Application For use in fixed installations, where cable is protected by conduit or trunking. Fixed wiring cables are predominantly used as power supply cables for sockets, switches and light fittings across residential, commercial and industrial environments. Suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation particularly suitable for wiring in fire and explosion prone areas, chemical factories, densely wired areas, public buildings, schools, hospitals, commercial complexes, theatres, etc. These Wires are specially made for fire alarm systems, panel wiring, metros, airports, shopping malls, commercial complexes, airports, hospitals, high rise buildings, public places, CCTV cameras etc.
Characteristics Finely drawn, electrolytic grade of Annealed Copper (Bare or Tinned), Insulated with Flexible, high insulation resistance PVC, PVC sheath wherever applicable.
Applicable standards IS 694, BS 6004, BS 7211, IEC 60502-1, IS: 17048 & other Zero Halogen standards.
Product range 1 Core Flexible/ Stranded Building / House wires , Flexible cables Size 0.75 mm2 up to 400 mm2 & Multicore usually 2 to 4 core from 0.75 mm2 up to 400 mm2. Single and Multicore Flexible Copper (Bare and Tin) / Aluminium wires & Cables. Control Cables up to 61 cores and 0.5 to 2.5 sqmm are also offered.
Advantages High Insulation Resistance, Low Leakage current: thus avoids any electric shocks Rugged mechanical properties – superior abrasion, cut through & crush resistance Better ageing property thus longer life of wires.

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Single/multi-core flexible copper wires & cables

Single and Multicore flexible wires and cables are used in low voltage signals, electrical motors, electrical appliances, control panels, DC power transformers, electrical boards, and battery cables.

The copper conductor is highly flexible and has a high Di-electric strength. These Cable have a high degree of thermal stability, Oxygen & temperature index.
Application PVC/FR PVC/FRLS PVC /FR LSZH insulated electrical wires & cables are used for transmission of low-voltage electric current for Electric motors, DC power transformers, Electrical Control Panel boards and Battery cables. Our flexible single core cable have good flexibility, adequate voltage resistance and manufacturing as per ISO standards.
Characteristics These wires are manufactured from bright-annealed 99.97% pure bare copper conductors and hence, offer low conductor resistance. The sheathing is provided with a specially formulated PVC or LSZH compound to facilitate ease in stripping and withstand all kinds of mechanical abrasion while in use.
Applicable standards PVC insulated and PVC sheathed multi-core cables for voltage grade upto 1100 V. Cables up to 5 core are as per I.S: 694 (2010). PVC insulated and FR PVC Sheathed, round multi-core industrial cable with flexible bright annealed copper. Also offered with FR LSZH Insulation and sheath.
Product range – Single-core flexible cables (1 core upto 240 sq mm) for domestic, industrial application and panel wiring. – Multi-core round flexible cable (2 cores to 30 cores) – Generally as per IS:694:1990 with the latest amendments.
Advantages These Flexible wires & cables offer good flexibility for desired application.

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Flexible aluminium cables and wires

Traditionally Copper is often used in cables and wires because of its excellent conductivity and malleability. But it is relatively heavy and quite expensive compared to Aluminium. Switching to Aluminium, which is lighter and significantly less costly than copper, is a viable option in many applications.

Apar has developed Fine wire drawing facility to offer flexible/multi stranded Aluminium conductor. If Aluminium is used as a conductor material, its lower conductivity requires a wire size that is little larger than that of equivalent copper wire to meet the CR and current carrying capacity. This can be insulated with PVC, FR PVC, FRLS PVC, FR-LSZH etc as per requirement and can be offered as Single or multicore cable..
Application As a raw material, Aluminium is approximately 70 percent lighter in weight than copper. This can be helpful in numerous application fields looking to reduce the weight of all components. Accordingly, when used in electrical cables, the lower weight makes them easier to install. Due to much lower cost of the cable, it is being considered as replacement of Flexible copper. Due its light weight even industries such as automotive and the aeronautical industry are switching to Aluminium wires.
Characteristics Aluminium wires can be significantly lighter than comparable current-carrying copper wires. APAR also offers this in the 8000 series.
Applicable standards APAR aluminium conductors are highly flexible. Fine stranded aluminium and the cable are manufactured according to Class 2 & Class 5 IEC 60228 and as per IS Specs.
Product range Building Wires, Single and Multicore Flexible Cables, Welding Cables.
Advantages Aluminium cables are lighter than copper cables. Aluminium cables nearly half the price of copper cables. The aluminium 8000 series emulates the copper crepe properties.

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Submersible cables

3 Core Flat Submersible Pump cables are insulated with PVC compound for Insulation and sheath to make them suitable for Submersible Pump Motor application. Their outer sheath is made of special formulation of high abrasion resistant PVC, resistant to grease, oil and water. These cables have excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

The area of installation of these cables is physically restrictive and hence Apar submersible cables pose good insulation properties when submerged in Water. Features of these cables include resistance to abrasion, moisture, oil, as well as a better flexible life & excellent mechanical & electrical properties.
Application Flat Submersible Cables are a specialized product designed for use in underground, under-water, or on wet surface and generally suitable for max operating temperature of 70°C.
Characteristics Standard’s Submersible Cables are crafted with advanced technology to perform efficiently for long time. Cables with maximum operating temperature up to 105°C also available with PVC Insulation & Sheath and also with EPR Rubber Insulation / PCP or CPE sheath.
Applicable standards IS: 694 and other International specifications
Product range 3 core cables from 1.5 sqmm up to 70 sqmm. (4 core cables on demand)
Advantages Apar Submersible cables ensure pump performance in muddy water and provides good abrasion.

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Automotive wires and cables

The automotive industry requires highly flexible cables yet rugged to handle the unique stresses during their assembly process as well as the vibrations of running vehicles. The automotive industry is constantly under pressure to optimize their operations in order to maximize efficiency to meet the technical and market demands & increasing expectations.

Apar partners with automobile manufactures to develop solutions that enable them to maintain the efficient, high-performance operations besides being cost-effective. Apar is IATF certified, manufactures all cabin and engine compartment wires , battery cable, ignition wire, Customized wires and complete harnesses for all automotive including Electric Vehicle (EV).
Application Automotive wires and cables are used in wiring harness assemblies for all passenger performance and race cars, light, medium, heavy and industrial trucks, motorcycles, buses, agricultural equipment, recreational vehicles, construction equipment, rail equipment, and off-road vehicles.
Characteristics Besides general purpose FLRYB PVC Insulated wires, Apar offers these cables with High temperature resistant covering complete range of ISO 6722 type A,B,C,D & E and flame retardant and helps Providing higher reliability and heat resistance than conventional general wires. Apar has 3 Electron Beam Irradiation facility to offer EBXL wires.
Applicable standards SAE J1128 ; JASO D 611, JASO D 618 ; ISO 6722-1
Product range 0.5 sqmm to 2.5 sqmm; SAE Conductor size no 28 AWG up to 6 AWG
Advantages High temperature resistant and flame retardant; Provides higher reliability in heat resistance than conventional general wires due to emission bridging.

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Battery cables and accessories

The low-voltage battery cables are designed for the wiring of electrical installations in the manufacturing of all vehicles including commercial & heavy vehicles.

These cables offer no bruising of cores after stripping and optimized for subsequent handling like crimping/contacting.
Application Battery cables are generally used for all vehicles including light & Heavy commercial vehicles.
Characteristics Apar uses best Electrolytic grade of copper fine wires (If required, Electro-Tinned) and Covering of specially formulated PVC, Electron Beam Irradiated PVC or Polyolefin as per requirement. In Apar battery cables identification is possible without stripping the sheath or external marking as the designation & length marking is always printed on the insulation/sheath.
Applicable standards IS 2465, SAE J1128 ; JASO D 611, JASO D 618 ; ISO 6722-1
Product range Single core, Twin or multi core cables -1.5 & 2.5 sqmm, 4 sqmm up to 240 sqmm. Cables with 8000 series Flexible Aluminium also available.
Advantages Due to E-beam Irradiation cross linking , Apar battery cables are extremely tough and helps easy installation.

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LAN Cables (CAT 5E & 6)

APAR LAN Cables (CAT 5E & CAT 6) UTP Cable supports Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base-T) standard. Operates at a bandwidth from up to 100 Mhz (CAT 5E) to up to 250 Mhz (CAT 6).

These cables exceeds the requirements of TIA/EIA-568.C.2 & ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA-568.C.2 Category 6 ISO/IEC Class E respectively.
Application LAN Cables are designed for Indoor application, Cables provide flawless Ethernet connectivity, While ensuring that requirement for VoIP, Security Cameras, Voice, & Video Conferencing etc. are consistently met, High speed data, Digital and analogue voice and video (RGB) etc. are consistently met, Structured cabling for computer networks such as Ethernet over twisted pair, Often utilized within Ethernet infrastructures to support 10BASE-T (Ethernet), full-duplex 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet), and 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet) networks, Connecting local area networks (LANs) in a residential or commercial setting.
Characteristics Bandwidth tested from 100 to 250 MHz, Supports Gigabit Ethernet (10GbaseT to 1000baseT) Standard, RoHS Compliant, Support Power over Ethernet: PoE
Applicable standards CAT 5E: Meet/Exceeds the requirements of ANSI/TIA-568.2-D & ISO/IEC 11801
CAT 6: Meet/Exceeds the requirements of ANSI/TIA-568.2-D & ISO/IEC 11801
Product range CAT 5E:
1. CAT 5E U/UTP 24AWG Indoor/ Outdoor Ethernet Cable
2. CAT 5E F/UTP 24AWG Indoor/ Outdoor Ethernet Cable
3. CAT 5E SF/UTP 23AWG Indoor/ Outdoor Ethernet Cable
CAT 6:
1. CAT 6 U/UTP 24AWG Indoor/ Outdoor Ethernet Cable
2. CAT 6 U/UTP 23AWG Indoor/ Outdoor Ethernet Cable
3. CAT 6 F/UTP 24AWG Indoor/ Outdoor Ethernet Cable
4. CAT 6 F/UTP 23AWG Indoor/ Outdoor Ethernet Cable
5. CAT 6 SF/UTP 23AWG Indoor/ Outdoor Ethernet Cable
6. CAT 6 U/UTP 24AWG Double Sheath Armoured Outdoor Cable
7. CAT 6 U/UTP 23AWG Double Sheath Armoured Outdoor Cable
Advantages Cat 5E is cost effective as compare to other options for networking cable, CAT 6 provides greater bandwidth over CAT 5E, Allows for higher data transfer rates, CAT 6 can easily support 1 Gbps network speeds, CAT6 can also support higher data rates of 10Gbps.

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CCTV cable

APAR Copper braiding CCTV cable is offered in the range of 3+1, 4+1 and 6+1 construction. This is a hybrid type cable with combination of communication and electrical conductors.

The 3/4/6 power cores enables powering of the CCTV camera while the communication cable (video core) enables recording of images and communicating with control room devices based on camera capabilities.
Application Used for mostly surveillance purposes bearing crime preventing, safety, monitoring. Transmitting video and audio signals from CCTV cameras to recording devices or monitors. Shielded Communication Cable.
Characteristics Inner Conductor DC Resistance: Max. 3.55 Ω/Km at 20°C, Structural Return Loss : Min. 15 dB @ 1 – 1000 MHz, Characteristic Impedance : 75 ± 3 ohm, Capacitance (Nom.) : 53.0 pF/m, Nominal Velocity Ratio : 85%
Applicable standards As per the customer requirement.
Product range RG – 59F Co-axial + 3 Core x 0.15 Sq. mm CCTV Cables (3+1) RG – 59F Co-axial + 4 Core x 0.15 Sq. mm CCTV Cables (4+1) RG – 59F Co-axial + 6 Core x 0.15 Sq. mm CCTV Cables (6+1)
Advantages 1. Wired surveillance is more convenient to install on large objects: Wi-Fi cameras require routers close to the devices, otherwise, the signal will be weak. As a result, several access points will be required, which increases the cost of video surveillance. 2. Stable performance: Wireless devices often suffer from unstable Internet signals, which reduces the quality of the picture. The physical connection of the system protects against. 3. A great option for long-term monitoring: Wi-Fi systems are easy to scale and relocate. However, if this is not required and the user is confident that no changes to the video surveillance are planned, wired monitoring is a better option.

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Braided (PVC/ XLPE/ Elastomer) cables & wires

APAR manufactures broad range of braided cables. The use of braided wire mesh or weave over twisted conductors creates a braided cable.

It is accomplished by weaving together multiple Plain or Tinned Copper wire strands to achieve the desired braid coverage. A braided cable typically provides 80% coverage, but this can be adjustable to meet your specific needs. The design of the crossing, interwoven wires allows for bending and stretching of the braiding without buckling, folding or kinking.
Application Designed for applications which are installed in occasional flexing and fixed locations. Cable applications include precision control sensors, pressure gauge, temperature controllers, control panels, vibration monitoring systems, intelligent security controllers, production machinery and much more.
Characteristics Excellent EMI shielding and lightning protection; Resilient enough, and there is no difficulty with heat, Higher Durability, Excellent abrasion resistance.
High Resistance to Molds, mildew, rot, and many chemicals are all resistant to insects, fungi, and animals, as well as molds, mildew, and rot.
Applicable standards IS 9968 Part-1 & 2, BS EN 50288-7, IEC 60502-1, BS EN 50525 Series and Others
Product range Flexible cables Size 0.75 up to 400 & Multicore usually 2 to 4 core from 0.75 up to 400
Single and Multicore Flexible Copper (Bare and Tin)/ Aluminium wires & Cables.
Control Cables up to 61 cores and 0.5 to 2.5 are also offered.
Advantages Flexible and experience less tear and damage.
Creates an electrostatic screen to ensure signal integrity.
Extra protection against hot surfaces by resisting abrasion and cutting.
Withstand the physical stress and tight bending in moving applications.

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Uninyvin cables

APAR Uninynin cables comprise three unique additional insulation layers.

The copper copper conductor is first tin-platted to prevent oxidisation and make it solderable. Then an insulation of the HR-PVC insulation coat is used, after which, to increase the cable’s fire resistance and mechanical strength, a cover of fibreglass yarn braiding is provided. This is then covered with a secondary nylon yarn thread braiding. And finally, it is lacquered with a nylon varnish coating.
Application These cables are used in battery circuitry where chemical exposure is high. They are also used in UPS systems and server rooms.
Characteristics Uninyvin cables have a much higher current carrying capacity than traditional PVC wires.
Applicable standards IS 9857
Product range ATC/EBXL-HRPVC/Nylon Braid & Lacquer – sizes 0000 to 6 ATC/EBXL-HRPVC/Nylon sheath – sizes 8 to 22
Advantages Uninyvin cables require less copper to facilitate comparable or better current carrying capacity, making them extremely cost-effective. Moreover, they are lighter and more flexible, and therefore, easy to carry as well as install in all sorts of small spaces.

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