Subsidaries Table 1

Petroleum Specialities Pte. Ltd. (PSPL) Singapore Trade of Petroleum based products and general wholesale trade, including imports and exports.
Petroleum Specialities FZE
(Subsidiary of PSPL)
United Arab Emirates Manufactures and markets Petroleum based Speciality products, and varieties of Oil, Lubricants and Chemicals.
APAR Transmission & Distribution
Projects Private Limited
India Engaged in the business of Transmission, Distribution, Installation, Stringing, Re-stringing etc. of Conductors, Optical Fibre Ground Wire (OPGW) and Cables.
APAR Distribution & Logistics Private Limited India To carry on the business of Transportation, Warehousing including bonded warehousing, act as Agent for Shipper and to carry on business as Selling Agents, Buying Agents, Factors, Carriers, Jath Merchants, Landing Clearing and Forwarding Agents, Commission Agents, Distributors and Stockiest, Brokers and to carry on the business of tour & travel operators and to act as customs agents, wharfingers, landing agents, stevedores and longshoreme etc.
CEMA WIRES & CABLES INC. State of Delaware, USA To carry out the trading business in Cables & Wires and/or other products including warehousing / storing activities.

Published On: February 2, 2021


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