Grease is used where it is not practical or convenient to use oil. It is used in machinery that runs intermittently or is idle for extended periods of time.
Grease is a semi-solid/solid material of dispersion of thickening agents in liquid lubricant. The thickener can be either soap or non-soap based, and the liquid lubricant can be a mineral or synthetic type. Additives are added to impart special properties. It is also recommended for components that are not easily accessible for lubrication, or those subjected to extreme temperature, pressure or shock loads.
Poweroil Gem EP
Poweroil Chassis Grease
Poweroil Gem MP
Poweroil Heavy Duty LC2M
Poweroil Hi-Temp
Poweroil Gem EP 000
Poweroil Gem CBP
Poweroil Gem LC2
Poweroil LC2 PTFE

Published On: December 23, 2020


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