About ENI

ENI is Italy’s leading operator in the distribution of petroleum products and refining sector. They are involved in the
exploration, production, refining and marketing of petroleum. ENI is one of the largest global players in the industry
in terms of revenue, having generated 70 billion Euros in 2019.

The refining division of ENI focuses on manufacturing and marketing automotive, industrial, marine and aviation
lubricants. The company is recognized internationally for its high focus on technology. With decades of experience
and millions of dollars in investments, ENI has developed the highest-quality lubricants for all engines.

What ENI offers

ENI offers individualised solutions designed to promote the efficiency of your business and reduce operating costs.
Complimentary technical assessments, oil sampling and an exact analysis of oil products is carried out to determine which
products are best suited to your needs. With a presence in over 70 countries, ENI offers over 400 variants of lubricants. The
company also works closely with major automotive manufacturers across the world to better understand changing requirements.


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